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Featured Items

SMOOTH Amethyst!   Featured Item!

SMOOTH Amethyst! - Click For EnlargementYou don't see them very often, do you? Most amethysts are faceted into the familiar gemstone shapes. Here's one that is freeform and polished smooth- with a Tiny 8Ball in bronze atop its dome to match the versatile gold filled opening clasp that Stems & Gems provides.

Wear it with a sterling chain to enhance the tricolor effect of the setting: sterling, oxidized sterling, and gold fill.

Price: $145.00


Pink Opal!   Featured Item!

Pink Opal! - Click For EnlargementPink Opal comes from South America and this 2" square pendant does an excellent job of displaying it! Stems & Gems creates pendants using gold fill, shiny sterling, and oxidized sterling, so the bronze & sterling Double Dogs are the perfect enhancement.

Best, S&G's bail, with its opening clasp, allows you to wear this on a heavier-than-usual chain as this jewel deserves.

Price: $200.00


Russian Amazonite   Featured Item!

Russian Amazonite - Click For EnlargementBy Stems & Gems who creates their jewelry with multicolor metals so you can wear it with gold or silver! We've added Tiny 8Ball in bronze to match the scroll designs in gold fill that decorate the sterling background. Note the trademark bail that this company provides- it opens as a clip to hang on any size necklace or even a string of beads.

Price: $140.00


Absolutely Amazing   Featured Item!

Absolutely Amazing - Click For EnlargementIt doesn't have to be a set, but I am hoping these two beauties will stay together. Absolute does stunning work and the opals in these coordinating pieces really stand out.

The cuff is 1.75" wide and can be sized to fit while the pendant is 1.5" tall not counting the bail.


Special thanks to our Contributing Artists for
allowing their designs to join our own copyrighted Designer Dogs:
Jazz and Rainey by Mik Wilkens Design Inc.
Proud Howard by Jen Howard Art
Betty is owned by Sue Ross of Silk Road Collars
Davie is based upon the original artwork of Anita Gersch
Double Dogs was originally designed by Mary Beth Arthur of Marial Whippets
Rainbow Bridge Painting by Jeanni Davis of Dragonflyte Creations
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